Army Programs

You know what dedication is – you prove it through your service to our country. Why not extend that drive to obtaining your degree? It doesn’t matter if you’re continuing or returning to school, we offer a college experience on your terms.


The Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges Army Degree
The Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges Army Degree (SOCAD) system consists of groups of accredited colleges and universities that offer job-related degree programs at the associate and bachelor’s degree level on or accessible to Army installations and communities. It is a system of college curriculum networks designed by Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC) for Army Soldiers and their family members. Southwestern College Professional Studies is proud to be included in the SOCAD system.

2012 NAIMES Student Spotlight Award
The NAIMES Student Spotlight Award is an opportunity for military learners to demonstrate their academic achievement to the military and civilian educational community through an exploration of how the academic experience has influenced their military career. Award winners will receive a $1,200 cash prize, plus travel expenses (up to $500) to accept the award.
Click here to see the specifics of the award. Applications must be posted online by August 31, 2012. Learners who are currently enrolled in a class at Professional Studies can utilize the Writing Lab in Blackboard for help with the essay for this award. Simply write your essay and then submit it to the Writing Lab for review.

The Army has changed the way it manages the Tuition Assistance (TA) benefit program for active duty personnel. GoArmyEd is the new online one-stop location for managing your college education and TA benefits. The portal is available anytime…anywhere. Southwestern College courses and programs are included in the portal for easy enrollment and easy access. Please visit the GoArmyEd site to set up your personal account enabling you to realize your personal and professional goals.

College of the American Soldier
Southwestern College is proud to be a part of the College of the American Soldier. The College of the American Soldier (CAS) works in conjunction with GoArmyEd and colleges whose degrees participate in the Career Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) Degrees Program.

CAS expands existing civilian higher education degree choices to provide Career NCOs with broad preparation degree options not tied to a specific MOS and that:

  • Provide flexibility in degree completion time
  • Maximize credit transfer between colleges
  • Maximize college credit for military training and education
  • Minimize academic residency requirements
  • Provide business- and management-related degrees