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Education is more than career training – it’s the essential framework of your success in the Air Force. That’s why we participate in a variety of unique and specialized programs to help you meet your goals and reach your true potential and our six-week sessions keep your college education on schedule even if you deploy.

The Air Force Tuition Assistance (TA) program is designed to help active-duty personnel pursue voluntary, off-duty educational opportunities. Currently, the program pays 100% (up to $250 per semester hour or equivalent) of the cost of college tuition with a limit of $4500 per fiscal year.

2012 NAIMES Student Spotlight Award – The NAIMES Student Spotlight Award is an opportunity for military learners to demonstrate their academic achievement to the military and civilian educational community through an exploration of how the academic experience has influenced their military career. Award winners will receive a $1,200 cash prize, plus travel expenses (up to $500) to accept the award.
Click here to see the specifics of the award. Applications must be posted online by August 31, 2012. Learners who are currently enrolled in a class at Professional Studies can utilize the Writing Lab in Blackboard for help with the essay for this award. Simply write your essay and then submit it to the Writing Lab for review.

The Air University – Associate to Baccalaureate Cooperative Program (AU-ABC) is an initiative that was formed in 2007 between higher education institutions and the Air University. This program allows airmen to transfer in their CCAF degree (64 credit hours) and work towards an approved bachelor’s degree. When transferring in the CCAF degree, the AU-ABC program guarantees that the airman needs no more than 60 credit hours to obtain his/her bachelor’s degree. Southwestern College Professional Studies offers 10 programs that fit into the AU-ABC program.

The General Education Mobile (GEM) program is an initiative launched by the Air Force to assist airmen in obtaining their CCAF faster and with more continuity. The GEM program is a block of online classes that are needed for an airman to obtain his/her CCAF. Southwestern College Professional Studies offers classes in each of the 5 blocks of general education categories needed to complete the CCAF.

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