Textbook Information

It’s essential you get the correct textbook for your class.

We have recently partnered with the largest textbook supplier in the nation, MBS Direct, to support our textbook needs. MBS Direct was carefully selected because they deliver the best value for you and guarantee the right book specific to your class schedule, with no hidden costs. They currently serve the needs of nearly half a million students, with over 7 million books in their Columbia, Missouri facility.

You can order your course materials from MBS Direct online, by mail, by fax, or by phone at 800-325-3252.

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In addition to MBS Direct, some of our classes do not need a separate textbook since they include multimedia resources that are built right into the course! We call these courses “Course +” and they include items such as: animations, games, simulations, podcasts, and self-assessments. A $100 fee covers all materials you will need with these courses and you do not need to purchase a separate textbook.

Here is the list of the Course + classes for Fall 2013.