Is an Executive Leadership Graduate Certificate for Me?

Southwestern College’s Executive Leadership graduate level certificate will help prepare managers or future managers to be effective leaders in today’s contemporary, global organizations. Emphasis is placed on applied, practical projects while focusing on topics facing today’s leaders in human resource management, change management, decision making, communication, and diversity issues that include generational differences.


Required Courses

MGMT500 Organizational Behavior & Human Resources Management
LEAD520 Leadership Coaching
LEAD565 Knowledge-Based Leadership
LEAD560 Leading Change in Organizations
MGMT505 Project Management Fundamentals

Course Descriptions

MGMT500 Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management

This course covers models and theories of behavior, and human resources management concepts and processes as they apply to managing individual and work-group behavior in organizations. Organizational behavior topics include leadership, motivation, and teamwork. Human Resource management topics include human resources strategy, selection, performance evaluation, reward systems, and employee development. Heavy emphasis will be on the strategic implications of these topics.

LEAD520 Leadership Coaching

The course will help learners coach, mentor and empower future leaders. The course will review coaching theories and models as well as the theoretical and applied aspects of teamwork. Participants will focus on building the skills of collaboration. Participants will articulate a personal leadership development plan.

LEAD565 Knowledge Based Leadership

The course will cover the integration and alignment of strategic planning, mission, and vision with goals and objectives to position organizations to transition to a knowledge based environment. Participants will develop a plan for capturing “tribal knowledge” and using that knowledge to create and communicate a shared vision.

LEAD560 Leading Change in Organizations

Participants will learn to navigate the world of needs assessment tools in order to build an organization’s ability to operate on the consistent generation of information. Systems used to analyze information and implement change resulting from data will be covered through case studies, individual, and group exercises. Participants will develop practical tools for engaging people at all levels of an organization through inevitable change.

MGMT505 Project Management Fundamentals

In this course, concepts, theories, principles and practical application of project management tools will be applied to real business situations. A critical analysis of tools and techniques that are available to aid project managers will be performed, with a view of the potential disconnect between these tools and real- world projects. Specific tools, including the Balanced Scorecard, Monte Carlo simulations, and stop-light charts, will be utilized.

Admission Requirements

Anyone interested in completing the Graduate Certificate in Executive Leadership may complete a Southwestern College Professional Studies Graduate Application for Admission. The five courses comprising the Executive Leadership Certificate can be completed in eight months or less in convenient 6-week classes with no prerequisites.

Individuals completing the Executive Leadership Certificate at Southwestern College may apply all of these 15 credit hours earned toward a Master of Science degree in Management or a portion of the credit hours towards a Master of Business Administration or a Master of Science in Leadership.


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