Online Strategic Leadership Degree Program

Being a leader in today’s rapidly changing society requires knowledge of leadership styles and yourself. The online undergraduate degree in strategic leadership at Southwestern College Professional Studies can help you enhance your self-awareness and effectively forecast and lead change. Students completing the strategic leadership degree online will be able to take a proactive approach in leadership and decision-making. Course curriculum includes leadership theories and practical applications, negotiating skills, forecasting and leading change, multi-cultural perspectives and global trends, and more. If you are looking for business schools in Kansas and are interested in earning a strategic leadership degree online, Southwestern College can help.

Become a trailblazer in the business field, and contact an admissions counselor today for more information about our online undergraduate degree in strategic leadership.

Program Outcomes

Being a leader in today’s rapidly changing society requires content knowledge as well as knowledge about self and leadership style. The Strategic Leadership major provides learners with the ability to enhance their self-awareness and to effectively forecast and lead change. Learners completing this major will have been provided the opportunity to develop a proactive approach to strategic leadership and decision-making.

Program Outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate breadth and depth of key strategic leadership concepts and generally accepted theories and practices (such as leadership theories, group and individual behavior theories, and talent management).
  2. Describe the skills necessary for competency in understanding and working with people, including personality types and group dynamics applicable to preparation for a career in a strategic leadership position.
  3. Apply critical thinking to the completion of class projects and assignments associated with the strategic leadership field.
  4. Show an understanding of how to effectively lead people and processes in a variety of business environments.
  5. Craft documents that showcase an understanding of the use of technological tools associated with strategic leadership
  6. Explain an understanding and appreciation of ethical reasoning in the application of strategic leadership skills.
  7. Prepare strategic leadership related documents using effective written communication skills.

Required and Core Courses

Foundation Courses

CORE101 Developing Academic and Professional Strengths
CORE110 Information Literacy
ENGL101 Composition I
ENGL102 Composition II
COM 125 Speech
Mathematics Requirement*
HUM 201 Ethics
COM 301 Professional Communication

Disciplinary Perspective Courses

Humanities (6 credits)
Natural Sciences/Mathematics (4 credits)
Social Sciences (6 credits)

Major Courses

STL 302 Self Awareness and Personality Traits
STL 307 Leadership Theories and Practical Applications
OMGT320 Managing Group Dynamics
STL 410 Negotiation Skills
STL 420 Forecasting and Leading Change
STL 430 Multi-Cultural Perspectives and Global Trends
STL 435 Strategic Planning
CAPS495 Senior Capstone

* MASC110 Statistics & Probability, or MASC115 College Algebra, or more advanced college credit bearing mathematics course requiring college algebra or higher as a prerequisite

Course Descriptions

STL 302 Self Awareness and Personality Traits

This course is designed for learners to enhance their self-awareness and creativity, and identify their leadership style. It requires learners to evaluate and enhance their personal leadership skills and develop a personal model of leadership.

STL 307 Leadership Theories and Practical Applications

This course is an introduction to various leadership theories and models. Learners will evaluate and apply leadership theories to practical real work situations.

OMGT320 Managing Group Dynamics

Learners in this course will examine individual and group behavior within the context of the organizational design and culture. Learners gain theoretical and practical knowledge for understanding topics such as motivation, leadership, management decision-making, group process, and conflict resolution.

STL 410 Negotiation Skills

This course helps learners develop the tactics, strategies, and interpersonal skills necessary for today’s complex organizations. Learners are also introduced to strategies for conflict management and the technique of dispute resolution. The process of mediation, facilitation and negotiation will be reviewed as well.

STL 420 Forecasting and Leading Change

The course is designed to enable learners to use market trends and societal changes to forecast changes. Topics that include demographic changes, market trends, national income, and societal shifts to effectively forecast future changes by using forecasting techniques will also be covered.

STL 430 Multi-Cultural Perspectives and Global Trends

This course includes the study of leadership implications surrounding political, social, economic and other world views. Learners will also explore how global events effect decision making and strategic goals.

STL 435 Strategic Planning

This course is designed to help learners take a proactive approach to strategic planning. A variety of perspectives, models, and approaches will be used in the most common form of strategic planning.

CAPS495 Senior Capstone

Learners will be required to develop a professional portfolio that demonstrates their knowledge, skills, and abilities in their major discipline. Particular attention will be given to the presentation of evidence and artifacts from their major courses as well as recent research relevant to their major courses and their specific program outcomes. The purpose of the final portfolio project is to document learner achievement and to ensure learning outcomes are met. Additionally, learners will conduct research and report on career potentials within their major field, careers for which they are potentially most qualified, and a specific career and career path of interest resulting from their research. This project is both submitted individually and as a part of the professional portfolio. Both projects are required for successful course and degree completion. Prerequisite: Successful completion of all major courses.

Admission Requirements

Entering learners must have earned at least 6 college credits from previous college coursework or ACE evaluated military training, a GPA of 2.0, and have three years of work experience. Transfer hours accepted for Professional Studies admittance should include English Composition I and II, and mathematics (college algebra preferred). These courses may be considered in transfer or completed at Southwestern College.

Contact a program representative to evaluate your options.

Graduation Requirements

A total of 124 credit hours must be earned to graduate. You must have at least 60 credit hours from a four-year university or college and at least 30 hours from Southwestern College (does not include prior learning experience credits). Of the 30 hours required from Southwestern, 15 of the last 30 hours earned toward your degree must be at Southwestern College. Contact your Academic Success Coach for more information.


Southwestern College Professional Studies’ strategic leadership major provides students the ability to know themselves better in order to effectively lead change in todays fast paced workforce.