About Our Instructors

Southwestern College Professional Studies is a learning community
dedicated to:

  • Intellectual growth and career preparation,
  • Individual development and Christian values,
  • Lifetime learning and responsible citizenship, and
  • Leadership through service in a world without boundaries.

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Affiliate faculty are absolutely instrumental in helping adult learners achieve their lifelong dream of attaining a degree. Affiliate faculty are not only responsible for the instructional and academic components of the courses they teach for Professional Studies; the extra step we expect our faculty to take in connecting with learners as people, creating highly engaging interactive learning communities, and helping to motivate adults in their learning journey and personal moral development is what sets us apart. We encourage our instructors to have high academic standards and “raise the bar” on learning, but we ask them to do it in an atmosphere of empowerment, understanding, and flexibility. We expect our instructors to have a passion not only for their subject matter, but, even more importantly, a passion for education in general. It is our goal to take every learner who enters our doors (either actual or virtual), to their ultimate goal of graduation.

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