Learner Success is our Mission.

Learner focused
We understand and empathize with the unique needs of adult learners. Programs and services are specifically tailored toward adults who are balancing the pursuit of a college degree with work and family demands and/or military service.

Ethically sound
Building upon our historic connection to the United Methodist Church, we meet the highest ethical standards when working with learners and each other.

Academically excellent
Academic programs are reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure that they exceed institutional outcomes. Instructors have relevant work experience as well as strong teaching skills with exemplary academic credentials.

Understanding and responding to the educational needs of the workplace, community, and the military serve as a hallmark. We operate with a spirit of innovation and creativity in the development and deployment of new programs. We seek partnerships with other educational providers and organizations for the explicit reason of increasing access of educational opportunities to adults and are flexible in program design to the benefit of learners and the larger community.

Institutionally accountable
We recognize our unique role and work actively to participate in and advance the overall strategic goals and directions of Southwestern College.

We take a developmental and motivational approach with learners and each other in order to help everyone reach their dreams – educationally, personally, and professionally.

We are committed in our efforts to see our learners persist to graduation. We accept the role of learners’ advocate and will never give up on our learners’ lifelong goals to achieve an education.

The Vision and Mission Statements of Southwestern College