Commitment to Assessment

In Professional Studies our singular focus is on you, our LEARNERS. From our mission statement, to our dedicated staff, from the services we offer, to the training and development of our faculty, our commitment is on the success of our learners achieving their educational outcomes/goals.

As a learning organization, your success is our success! Our quest for continuous improvement means we’re always striving for improvement through innovation. This site is a way for us to openly share an institutional ‘report card’ of sorts. It is not uncommon for us to ask the question…are we making progress?…since continuous improvement is all about the journey. Throughout this site, you will see evidence of our journey.

Measuring the Learning Experience

Southwestern College Professional Studies has made a commitment to participating in a number of nationally administered, third-party, assessment instruments (e.g., NSSE, ACT, PSOL). These instruments provide opportunities for our key stakeholders including learners, faculty members, graduates, and alumni to share their insights about the learning experience at Southwestern College Professional Studies.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding anything posted in the Institutional Outcomes section of our website, please email We’d love to hear from you!