You Are Why We’re Here

Southwestern College believes that you are at the center of everything we do. Our number one goal is to help you achieve your educational goals. From the moment you inquire about a program, to the moment you walk across the stage with your diploma in hand…we will be there for you!

  • We start by giving you the most credit for your past educational and military experience. Southwestern College Professional Studies programs are designed to utilize what you have already learned.
  • Our programs reflect what is needed in today’s world. Southwestern College Professional Studies instructors and staff continuously evaluate the programs to assure they are current with national and global demands.
  • Southwestern College staff members are here to help make the journey easier! Admissions will answer your questions and help you through the enrollment process. Your success coach will stay with you throughout your educational program and keep you on track to graduate. And because we are a small, private college, you will receive individualized attention throughout your educational journey.
  • You’re in control of your education. Although your success coach will help keep you on track, you decide when you take your courses. You can choose to take your classes non-stop until you graduate, or you can take breaks if needed.
  • You learn from more than just your instructors. Southwestern College instructors are high-quality professionals who live what they teach. But your learning doesn’t stop there. Because students come with all levels of experience from all locations, you have the opportunity to learn from other students in the class, providing you with the best combination.
  • Southwestern College Professional Studies also has strong relationships within the communities where we’re located. With memberships or ties to more than 50 partners, community colleges, professional societies, and local chamber of commerce offices, we’re able to keep current on market trends, educational trends, employment and training needs.

What is Quality at Southwestern College Professional Studies?

Quality at Southwestern College Professional Studies means that our learners graduate with a broad knowledge base; the deep knowledge and the requisite skills expected by employers; and, an action plan to explore and gain more knowledge as a life-long learner. Quality means that our learners graduate with exemplary abilities to apply their knowledge and exhibit creative problem solving, future thinking, ethical reasoning, critical analysis, leadership, and effective communication. Quality means that our learners know the benefits of an engaging learning community that promotes dynamic, collaborative interactions with expert faculty, staff, and other learners; rigorous expectations for academic achievement; global understanding and respect; and, being of service to our communities.